ANIMATAZINE is the first Italian fanzine * dedicated to animated theater, paper and digital, trilingual (FR IT EN), totally independent.

ANIMATAZINE explores animated theater in its most vital, intense and poetic ramifications in connection with the arts and contemporary thought, welcoming artists and researchers from all over the world.

ANIMATAZINE proposes a rhizomatic gaze capable of revealing horizontal, extensive and deep connections: from the movement of underground roots, to floating puppets, from the language of birds, to the virtuosity of ventriloquists, from lost and rediscovered rites, to the flight of kites suspended in the sky of everything. the planet.

ANIMATAZINE invites you to travel into the eyes of all those who look at the world from another point of view, unexpected, visionary and archaic at the same time: a look of listening and respect for the bonds that unite us to the planet we live on.

ANIMATAZINE wants to be a platform for exploration, investigation, relationship, in dialogue with its readers: various spaces are dedicated to them to interact with the contents and animate the debate with different points of view.

ANIMATAZINE was born in October 2021.


The publication of four copies plus a zero number is foreseen for the presentation and launch of the project.


Each issue is conceived and organized around a central investigation theme represented by a natural element: water, earth, air, fire.


All presentations, texts, articles revolve around this theme, declining its many facets: guests are chosen for having developed creations, reflections, research paths in relation to the element to which the issue is dedicated .

* Fanzine: publication created by enthusiasts for other enthusiasts



ANIMATAZINE spreads thanks to the free distribution of crumpled sheets of recycled paper.


A natural origami, never the same, always unique, made by two hands and which is symbolically thrown to be grabbed by other hands.


A paper bullet that could be thrown away and instead becomes something to keep, to keep in your pocket.


The choice of the natural fold, created by the force of the hands on the surface of a sheet is not accidental: the fold is a fundamental structure of the organization of natural, organic and inorganic forms, ANIMATAZINE uses this principle also in its internal structure.


The bullet of paper, once opened and unfolded, reveals a dotted map of QR codes, a sort of constellation useful for orientation, which gives access to the various multimedia contents of the ANIMATAZINE site, guiding the reader on his journey that changes according to of the navigation choices it will adopt.

Search and collect ANIMATAZINE origami bullets!



Access to the site is free and open!


Readers who decide to support the project with a DONATION, will receive a version of ANIMATAZINE printed on paper, to browse and collect, on which they will find, among texts and drawings, several QR codes to access various bonuses to be discovered on the site.




The internal structure of  ANIMATAZINE  for the numbers water, earth, air, fire it consists of three different levels of content (three chapters):


1) The ANIMATED LEVEL, dedicated to the artists of animated theater.

2) The LEVEL DERIVA, dedicated to specialists, researchers, artists from other fields of knowledge.

3) THE HEADINGS LEVEL, edited by the editorial staff with spaces for interaction for the readers of the fanzine.  




For each guest of the animated level and the derived level on the site a page is created with:

- A short presentation text.

- A POM (for the animated level), a PODCAST (for the drift level).

- The complete transcription of the interview carried out.

- A linkography: links to the website, to materials available online such as conferences, videos, etc.

The POM (Small Multimedia Object) is a short video in which mainly still images (photographs, drawings) flow slowly against a background of sounds, audio tracks of interviews, short phrases that highlight the artist's poetics. It will be created based on what each guest can provide: stock material, test / construction photos, behind the scenes, drawings, sounds or other elements.


This is the level that hosts the sections created by the ANIMATAZINE editorial staff and the interaction spaces for readers.

Editorial by Alessandra Amicarelli and Valeria Sacco: a presentation of the topics covered with an overview of the contents.

Constellations by Cristina Grazioli: a look with eyes closed on the possible views, interior and exterior, which open from the relationships between animations and drifts, words of the arts and criticism, sounds and images in motion.

Animated criticism by Angela Forti: a critique that connects different possible readings of animated plays and more.

Animated word by Beatrice Baruffini: a section on the meanings and hidden stories of words that in one way or another refer to notions of "puppetization".

Imagination re-animated by Marco Ferro: a collective creation designed from the scraps, sketches and abandoned prototypes of artists who want to play along.

Animated cinema by Alessandro Palmeri: a journey through the maze of cinema in search of the puppet where you least expect it.

Animated music by Alessandra Amicarelli with the participation of readers: a collection of music videos in which the puppet is the protagonist.

Animated advice by the readers: a space to report unknown or forgotten projects that our readers associate with the theme of the fanzine.

Animated debate by the readers: a subject launched, we will collect the letters with the thoughts of the readers.

Animated laboratory by the readers: live meetings to experiment, reflect, create.

The editorial staff is accompanied by the gaze of Mariano Dolci.