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by Alessandra Amicarelli

String puppets surround Don Marino Barreto Jr as he sings Altagracia in the first color music video used in the first Cinebox , the juke-box with the screen, also in 1958.

In 1965 Bob Dylan made his first studio album and made the black and white clip entitled Subterrean Homesick Blues shot by DA Pennebaker. Originally included in the documentary titled Dont Look Back .

Without narration and performance, it shows Dylan in an urban alley as he sequentially browses through a series of large signs showing a few words from the song's lyrics.

The sheets of paper are the material support  through which to pass the written poem of the lyrics of the song.

This column will take you on a journey through video clips of singers, musicians, groups of all kinds of music: pop, rock, jazz, metal, funky, grunge, dance, rap, dark, alternative, soul , in which puppets, puppets appear, shadows, muppets, puppets ...

Tell us about puppet music videos that you know, we will insert them in the top-ten of ANIMATAZINE!

The animated theater has accompanied the song from the very beginning.

In 1894, sheet music editors Edward B. Marks and Joe Stern hired engineer George Thomas and a number of performers to promote sales of their song The Little Lost Child.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of a magic lantern, Thomas projected a series of still images onto a screen, simultaneously with a live performance.

This practice will become a popular form of entertainment known as picture song, the first step towards the modern music video. 

Animated objects appear in what is considered the first music video in history in full form in the late 1950s:  Dáme si do bytu directed by Czech director Ladislav Rychman in 1958.The title means "Let's go home".

The protagonists of the film are a couple played by the theatrical actors Josef Bek and Irena Kačírková.While the two sing, the empty house in which they find themselves begins to be furnished with objects, more precisely with furniture represented by cardboard shapes, thus adopting a procedure that tends to abstract the concrete furniture of a house and replace it with precisely the silhouettes.

Suddenly the two lovers find themselves surrounded by the band, armed with musical instruments, and all together celebrate the inauguration of the house, now fully furnished.

The first video clip broadcast in 1981 by MTV wasVideo Killed The Radio Starof The Buggles: objects such as radios and televisions come to life, moving and animating.

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