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In this space we ask you, our readers, to tell us about all those events, shows, films, books, articles, exhibitions, graffiti, installations that you yourself have seen, read, listened to and which, by association of ideas, have come back to your memory when reading our fanzine. 

This column aims at exposing a submerged area of small and large gestures that belong to the individual memory of each of us and that, thanks to this space, can resurface and find a space of existence. 

The column will be constructed as a simple geographical map to consult. 

You, the readers, will be able to send us your suggestion by e-mail and the editorial staff, after checking the suitability of the recommendation, will create a small box at the place where the object you have recommended has come to life or still exists, with the information you have given us, any references to find it and the words you have written to tell us about it. 

In this way, week after week, the map will be populated with your reports. 

The only rule is that you cannot signal something of your own.

This is not a space to promote yourself, but to report something that others, friends, colleagues or even strangers have done and that has stuck in your memory. 

Let's reactivate word of mouth!

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